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What are email blacklists?

What are the email blacklists and why it is so important today?

🔎 What are email blacklists?

Email Blacklists are real-time databases that identify IP addresses or domains that are known to send spam or malicious content. They are defined by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and specialized organisms and are used as a reference by email servers to determine if an incoming email can be trusted or not.

Email domains or IPs that are on blacklists are likely to land in spam, as they have a history of negative behaviors.

You have risks to be added to a blacklist if:

  • You have a high bounce rate (soft or hard) on emails sent.
  • You have a low engagement (open rate, answer rate, etc.) on the emails sent.
  • You have a high proportion of emails sent that are flagged as spam by recipients.

💡 Why it is so important?

As said, if your email domain or IP is blacklisted, it will have a huge negative impact on your deliverability, as your emails are landing in spam.

This is why you should always check if your domain or IP is part of blacklists or not. If it's the case, it will require direct actions from the domain owner to ask blacklist providers to remove you from these databases.

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