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How it works?

Warmbox helps you to identify & fix your email deliverability issues.

. Check if your IP & domain are blacklisted

Being part of a blacklist can hurt badly your email deliverability. Warmbox verifies +100 IP & domain blacklist and helps you take direct actions to get whitelisted.

Check your email deliverability
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DNS Auth settings deliverability check

. Know if your domain is properly set up for emailing

We inspect your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to verify if your emails are properly authenticated and protected from spoofing and malicious activities.

Check your email deliverability

. Inbox Spam Check - Coming Soon

Check if your emails are landing in spam for the major Email Service Providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho, etc.).

Check your email deliverability

. Run a complete email deliverability check-up

Based on +120 checkpoints, Warmbox will audit your email deliverability, return you a score & help you to improve it.

Check your email deliverability

. Share your deliverability reports with anyone

Generate public links for your Reports and easily share them with your clients, teammates, partners, etc.

Check your email deliverability

. Fix your deliverability issues in an easy way

Get actionable tips and tutorials to fix your deliverability: set up your sending domain properly, get your IP whitelisted, etc.

Check your email deliverability

. Keep track of all your deliverability reports

Access all your Warmbox reports to follow the progress of your email deliverability over time thanks to your dedicated dashboard.

Check your email deliverability

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Warmbox saved our cold email campaigns and increased our reach! Within a month, we went from spam to inbox! The team's advice for the set up was very valuable too"

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All sales joining us have their email address warmed up with Warmbox within few weeks, ensuring high open rates of cold emailing campaigns. Keep going!"

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Highly recommended to avoid landing the Spam folder!

Email deliverability is no longer a black box. We have been able to identify why our emails were not delivered and how to fix our deliverability issues.

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