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Warm-up your inbox from any email service provider.

Why email warm-up is important?

21 billion emails are landing in spam, everyday. What about your cold emails?

Without email warm-up.

Running cold emailing campaigns for sales or marketing operations without any initial warm-up can be really risky.

A lot of your emails land in spam
Mail provider can block your domain
All your emails can be qualified as dangerous

Thanks to email warm-up.

Send cold email campaign without risk for your inbox and your domain. Reach more leads and get more sales!

Your emails are sent & delivered
Increase your deliverability & reputation
Reach your leads & close more deals
How it works?

Warmbox interact with your inbox to increase your cold emails deliverability.

1. Connect your inbox in 2min & start your warm-up ⏱

Connect your inbox from any email provider (Gmail - Google Suite, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, SMTP, etc.) in few seconds. Fast & easy to set-up!

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best affiliate marketing program

2. We interact with your inbox as humans 📬

Warmbox will send everyday realistics emails from your inbox (GPT-3), remove these emails from the spam folder, open & bookmark these  emails, reply to a part of these emails and generate positive interaction with your inbox to raise your email sending reputation.

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3. +10,000 inboxes ready to raise your email reputation

Get benefit of a +10,000 private inboxes network composed of a mix of the most important email service providers to increase globally your email deliverability.

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best affiliate marketing program

4. Monitor & get better deliverability results for all your emails 🎉

After few days, you will see first results appears: your cold emails will not land in spam anymore and reach your target inboxes! Enjoy more sales and keep warming!

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Why Warmbox?

The most advanced solution to warm-up your inbox safely.

Email warm-up
Automated interactions
Auto-Remove from Spam
Auto-Reply to emails
Mark as favorite emails
Spam score monitoring
AI Generated emails (GPT-3)
Growth, Flat or Random warm-up
Fully custom warm-up
Warm-up Schedule
Detailed analytics
Private inboxes network
Reporting & Dashboard
Inbox integrations
Gmail - Gsuite inbox (OAuth)
Outlook - Microsoft 365
Yahoo Inbox
iCloud Inbox
AOL - Verzizon Inbox
Yandex Inbox
Zoho Inbox
Sendgrid Inbox
Sendinblue Inbox
Mailgun Inbox
Amazon SES Inbox
Any other Inbox (SMTP)
Account & services
Multi-account for agencies
Team members
In-app Onboarding
Third-party app Password
Detailed Help Center
Live chat support
Product updates
Blog resources
Affiliate program
Securised payment

Warmbox helped them to fix their email deliverability issues 🎉

The best tool around. Period.

Warmbox is a must-have! The warm-up options are fully customizable and the UX makes it super easy-to-use! We earned +70% of deliverability"

Marketing Manager

I fixed ALL my deliverability issues! Anyone who send emails should have a look.

Warmbox saved our cold email campaigns and increased our reach! Within a month, we went from spam to inbox! The team's advice for the set up was very valuable too"

Outbound Agency Director

Fantastic… and efficient!

All sales joining us have their email address warmed up with Warmbox within few weeks, ensuring high open rates of cold emailing campaigns. Keep going!"

Market Lead

Highly recommended to avoid landing the Spam folder!

Email deliverability is no longer a black box. We have been able to identify why our emails were not delivered and how to fix our deliverability issues.

Head of Sales

Don't let your cold email land in spam